Christ Church

141 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14607

Telephone: 585-454-3878 | Website

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We are cosmopolitan: people who love downtown Rochester and want to contribute to it by serving in this place.

We are diverse: a community of old and young, city-dwellers and suburbanites, gay and straight, long-time members and college students new to Rochester, who all believe in the unifying power of God’s love.

We are music fanatics: we believe in the power of a liturgy steeped in musical traditions, from organ and choir on Sunday morning to a cappella Compline Sunday night.

We are volunteers: we work with refugee resettlement, with a family homeless shelter, and in diocesan organizations.

We are hosts: our services, coffee hours, Meal and More soup kitchen, theater, and garden are open to all.

We are a thoroughly 21st century congregation that enjoys the connection to our heritage through profound liturgical expression.